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[DIR] Parent Directory - [SND] 01-Sesame Street.mp3 19-Aug-2012 23:00 927K [SND] 02-The Muppet Show.mp3 19-Aug-2012 23:00 1.1M [SND] 03-The Alvin Show.mp3 19-Aug-2012 23:00 1.0M [SND] 04-Speed Racer.mp3 19-Aug-2012 23:00 1.1M [SND] 05-Mr Magoo.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:59 740K [SND] 06-Inspector Gadget.mp3 19-Aug-2012 23:00 1.2M [SND] 07-The Smurfs.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:59 1.0M [SND] 08-Dastardly and Muttley.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:59 1.2M [SND] 09-Scooby-Doo.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:59 1.0M [SND] 10-Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:59 1.0M [SND] 11-The Archies.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:59 961K [SND] 12-Josie and the Pussycats.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:59 1.0M [SND] 13-Dudley Do-Right.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:58 375K [SND] 14-Fractured Fairy Tales.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:58 381K [SND] 15-Cheers.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:58 1.0M [SND] 16-The Bob Newhart Show.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:58 1.0M [SND] 17-The Greatest American Hero.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:58 1.6M [SND] 18-Welcome Back, Kotter.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:58 918K [SND] 19-Room 222.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:58 1.4M [SND] 20-WKRP In Cincinatti.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:58 704K [SND] 21-Taxi (Angela).mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:57 1.5M [SND] 22-Barney Miller.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:57 756K [SND] 23-Three's Company.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:57 967K [SND] 24-Happy Days.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:57 1.2M [SND] 25-Laverne and Shirley.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:57 1.2M [SND] 26-The Facts Of Life.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:57 846K [SND] 27-Good Times.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:57 781K [SND] 28-One Day At A Time.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:56 1.2M [SND] 29-Gimme A Break.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:56 847K [SND] 30-Maude.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:56 783K [SND] 31-The Jeffersons.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:56 1.1M [SND] 32-All In The Family.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:56 726K [SND] 33-Sanford and Son.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:56 879K [SND] 34-Dallas.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:56 1.1M [SND] 35-Dynasty.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:55 1.2M [SND] 36-Knots Landing.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:55 1.5M [SND] 37-L.A. Law.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:55 1.5M [SND] 38-St. Elsewhere.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:55 1.4M [SND] 39-Marcus Welby, MD.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:55 962K [SND] 40-MASH.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:54 867K [SND] 41-The Waltons.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:54 1.0M [SND] 42-Little House On The Prairie.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:54 1.3M [SND] 43-Hart To Hart.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:54 1.2M [SND] 44-Charlie's Angels.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:54 1.5M [SND] 45-Wonder Woman.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:54 2.3M [SND] 46-Love Boat.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:54 2.2M [SND] 47-American Bandstand.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:53 1.3M [SND] 48-Solid Gold.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:53 1.3M [SND] 49-Entertainment Tonight.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:53 1.4M [SND] 50-Miami Vice.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:52 1.0M [SND] 51-SWAT.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:52 1.1M [SND] 52-Baretta.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:52 1.0M [SND] 53-The Streets Of San Francisco.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:52 1.0M [SND] 54-Barnaby Jones.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:52 858K [SND] 55-Starsky and Hutch.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:52 1.2M [SND] 56-The Rookies.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:52 972K [SND] 57-Kojak.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:51 807K [SND] 58-The A-Team.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:51 1.5M [SND] 59-The Name Of The Game.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:51 1.1M [SND] 60-Quincy ME.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:51 1.0M [SND] 61-Hill Street Blues.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:51 1.2M [SND] 62-Simon and Simon.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:51 1.0M [SND] 63-Magnum PI.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:50 1.0M [SND] 64-The Rockford Files.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:50 879K [SND] 65-Saturday Night Live.mp3 19-Aug-2012 22:50 1.2M